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If you are like most attorneys, there are 4 BIG obstacles in your way…

Big Obstacle #1:

Techno Babble. You don’t have the technical know-how to promote or advertise your firm on the Internet. How could you? You already work 60 hour weeks – and this Internet stuff changes everyday! This is incredibly frustrating, isn’t it?

Here’s the thing… you might be the best lawyer in the United States, but until someone hires you and finds out you really are the best, all they know is how good your marketing is!

Big Obstacle #2:

You Don’t Have The Time. The reality of running a law firm is that you’ll NEVER have enough time. If you have to choose between servicing a client or studying the latest gee-whiz Internet marketing strategy, chances are you will (and should!) take care of your client. That’s what you get paid to do!

Big Obstacle #3:

Trust. You are used to “calling the shots”, and asking someone else to handle something so important to the success of your law practice (and your bank account) can be a scary thing. Everybody from your local Yellow Page rep (are you serious?) to a seemingly endless string of cold-callers and email blasters all say their solution is the best.

You probably are trying some of this “internet marketing stuff” right now. We’re pretty sure you are not happy with the results.

Big Obstacle #4:

Money, Money, Money. Are you spending your hard earned money in the right spots? Should you redo your website, send out Tweets, or update your Facebook page? What about Pay-Per-Click? There are hundreds of decisions to be made and they all cost money. The RIGHT answer is different for every attorney. The question you should be asking is… “who can help put the puzzle together for MY business?”

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We’ve got news for you. Your world is about to turn upside down. 

Online search, social media and email marketing are quickly and quietly overtaking traditional marketing tactics. The days of buying a big yellow page ad and then sitting back waiting for the telephone to ring are gone forever.

Every year, more and more of YOUR potential clients turn to the Internet to help them find and select the right lawyer. Did you know the average consumer looks at five different law websites when searching online for a lawyer? The BIG question is… will they even FIND your website? And when they do, what will they see? And how will you “stack up” against your competitors.


This trend has dramatic implications for attorneys like you.

Simply put, if your practice is going to remain competitive in the future, you need to embrace this new “information superhighway” that is redefining the way legal services are bought and sold.

Attorneys that don’t adopt this new marketplace reality are likely to be left behind as buyers increasingly turn to the convenience and power of the Internet to educate themselves and find the best qualified service providers.


You can’t bury your head in the sand.bury your head in the sand

It’s never coming back as it was.

You can’t ignore it.

You can’t stop it.

BUT… you can do something about it.

We can help.

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Internet Marketing For Lawyers. More Leads. More Clients. More Revenue.